About Us

Terra is a media company for the new world, presenting thoughtfully created and curated content around five key verticals: Eat, Grow, Wellness, Health and Earth.

We started Terra in the transformative times of 2020. Our founder team has diverse professional backgrounds in entertainment, mental health, tech and media, and one common goal: fostering a deeper connection with our planet and each other by bringing valuable knowledge from a spectrum of sources, often in disparate places, into one central, accessible platform.

Terra operates from a place of innovation and curiosity, combining modern perspectives with ancient wisdom to provide a one-stop resource for articles, videos, podcasts and insights from thought leaders to enrich your life.

We believe in the power of cross-pollination to amplify the impact of our content. By combining perspectives from different subject areas and experts in one place, we provide practical connections while creating a larger, more informed community.

Whether you’re looking for innovative psychedelic therapies, how to transform land ravaged by climate change, a 20-minute workout that gets real results or a truly delicious vegan recipe, Terra has you covered.

Our Promise

Operate with integrity

When it comes to our content, we are committed to full transparency and always cite our sources. We never accept payment in exchange for editorial coverage.

In science we trust

We provide factual, expert-driven information and stay away from political subjectivity. The foundation of our writing, editing, and fact-checking processes is rigorous research provided by experts in their subject areas.

Everyone is welcome

The only requirement here is curiosity. No old school or new school; Terra is open and always in session. There has been a divide in presentation of information in these verticals between a natural, back-to-basics approach and a more modernized, results-oriented methodology. Terra believes in everything that works, so all information that does is available. Expert, beginner, somewhere in between? You’ll find information scaled to your level of interest and understanding at Terra.


There is a great deal of information available about anything and everything. It’s our job to find the voices worth listening to in their areas of expertise, sift through the mountains of content created in each and present the best of them in a clear and entertaining way. We give our community the resources to reach their own conclusions, find the sources they can rely on and establish a place where their voices can be heard.

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Editorial Guidelines

Our in-house editorial staff oversees every article and piece of content on our site. We have extensive best-practice guidelines including individual documents for content integrity, sourcing, fact-checking, anti-bias review and more.


At Terra our editors collaborate with the best and brightest experts and thought leaders, from around the globe. Our contributors come from a wide range of academic, professional and self-taught arenas that relate to our core topics.

What you see on Terra is created in two ways: Original content in the form of articles, videos and podcasts produced in-house and by our contributors. We also feature curated content, where we highlight and provide access to exceptional material from vetted global sources. In addition, we are continually sourcing and cataloguing all of this information for easy access, any time.

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