If you want your next vacation to be really transformative, a psychedelic retreat might be the right choice for you. Whether you are seeking to focus on yourself and expand your consciousness or looking for a luxurious experience that includes the possibility of using psychedelic medicines, these retreats have come a long way. To help you find your path on this journey, we have put together some destinations for you to consider. Remember that psychedelic treatments are still illegal in many places, which means that these retreats are specifically located in areas around the world where there is little or no governmental interference.

The Buena Vida / Sayulita Mexico / Psilocybin

Rent a villa and take a small group of your friends or colleagues to Mexico on a transformational trip. This is a very popular retreat site that allows you to create your own experience in a smaller, more personal setting. Retreats offer beautiful individual villas. They include chef-prepared meals, prep courses, movement and somatic workshops, and psilocybin ceremonies.

Cardea Journeys / Treasure Beach Jamaica / Psilocybin

Highest level of privacy and luxury on a remote beachfront property in Treasure Beach. Personalized retreats for small groups, executive teams, family, and friends. Retreats include psilocybin ceremonies, combined with meaning-making sessions, bodywork, and other wellness practices.

Rythmia / Costa Rica / Ayahuasca

Transformational vacation in Costa Rica. This luxurious retreat includes farm-to-table organic meals, yoga, spa treatments, and detox treatments. There are also numerous personal growth classes, breath work, ceremonial dances, and Ayahuasca ceremonies led by shamans.

Soltara / Costa Rica and Peru/ Ayahuasca 

These retreats combine plant medicine ceremonies led by indigenous healers together with clinical psychologists to support an integrative approach to healing. Retreats take place in different beautiful locations and vary in length. All include daily yoga and ceremonies.

Beckley Retreats / Jamaica / Psilocybin

Beckley retreats offer a safe modern and very professional take on the wisdom of traditions. Co-founder Amanda Feilding has been researching psychedelics for over 25 years. They pay a lot of attention to a 4-week preparation and a 6-week integration process so that you can get the most transformational benefits from your psychedelic experience. The retreat experience includes 2 psilocybin ceremonies, meditations, mindful movement, nature immersion, lots of time for integration, and 1 on 1 session. Private beach and daily yoga are available on the property. 

Whole New High Center /Netherlands / Psilocybin

If you’re looking for a more individualized, less spa-like setting, a Whole New High Center in the Netherlands offers 7-hour private psilocybin therapy sessions with an experienced therapist. The therapist is present with you for the whole duration of a journey. There is a prep Skype session that proceeds the treatment and follow-up integration sessions are offered. 

La Sociedad Psicodelica / La Mezquita in Alicante, Spain/ Psilocybin and Mescaline

Similarly, this therapy center in a Mediterranean location offers weekend psilocybin experience retreats. If you’re on a budget, these shorter retreats might be for you. The schedule is compacted into a 4-day and 3-night experience. Daily yoga, 2 psilocybin and mescaline ceremonies, and yet plenty of time for reflection in nature and integration of the experience.

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