Terra_ gift guide_For lagom-loving homebodies

A casual scroll of just about any medium makes it appear that, to the average #influencer, #girlboss, #vanlifer or anyone else with a ring light and a passport, traveling the world nonstop, laptop in hand, is the ultimate success. But more recently it’s a decidedly quieter subset of people who are having a moment. It’s those people who’ve never met a party they wanted to attend. Whose perfect day includes cozy blankets, mellow music and a good book. The #naplifers and #quietquitters for whom relaxation and lagom (that Swedish concept of not too much, not too little) are an art. From smelly candles to eco-friendly robes, this list of home-enhancing, eco-friendly and mindful gifts is for them.

Citizenry – Lomas Wall Hanging

The boho must-have just stepped up its game. Hand-crafted by a group of 11 artisans in Central Mexico (and priced accordingly), Citizenry’s take on the macrame wall hanging is both substantial and elegant, understated and impossible to miss. So is their founding philosophy of good wages, work environments, and artisan support. The company’s processes are in compliance with (and audited by) the World Fair Trade Organization, proving that luxury can come without a human cost.

Eco Terra Beds – Hybrid Latex Mattress

Is an eco-friendly mattress really an appropriate gift? Ask anyone who loses sleep over our collision course with climate change and you won’t ask again. Not only are high-quality Zzzs the bedrock of health and wellness, but they’re even better on a mattress that’s made without polyurethane, chemicals or toxins. Your giftee can (ahem) rest easy tucking into a bed that’s good for them and environmentally benevolent.

Siblings Candles – Number 04: Eucalyptus, Balsam, Wild Berries

It turns out that in fact, nothing is sacred. Not even the scent of soothing candles that have become ubiquitous from the shelves of Neiman Marcus to Marshalls. According to the brother-sister duo that founded Siblings, most candle wax is petroleum-based and candle holders (which they call “vessels”) rarely get recycled. Enter a new player in the candle game: Siblings offers candle kits made of natural wax and scented oils. Once heated up, the eco-minded and crafty can pour their candle-to-be into a vessel of their choice (think old coffee mug, a juice cup without a match, an old jam jar). With scents that range from the earthy to the romantic and next-to-zero waste, Siblings products set the mood to guilt-free.

Cannabolish – Wintergreen Incognito Kit

For your favorite imbiber of the green stuff, now comes an all-natural way to make sure their home doesn’t smell like it. Cannabolish isn’t great just because of its name (a good portmanteau is hard to pass up). With more than 30 years in the business of de-stinking places of marijuana smells, the company has crafted a non-toxic combination of plant oils and water that don’t try to cover up smells, but absorb them instead. The Wintergreen Incognito Kit includes four products—a home spray (8 oz. odor-removing Spray), a travel Spray (2 oz.), continuous gel (15 oz.), and a candle (7 oz.), all packaged in a cute, reusable linen Bag.

The Organic Skin Co. – Ritual Pack

The Organic Skin Co.’s founder, Megan Douglas, knows a thing or two about skin care. A New Zealand-born model, fashion designer and naturopath has spent years in and around the beauty industry. But when she began looking for products that were good for her face and the planet, she noticed a dearth of options. That’s when she set out to create The Organic Skin Co., which not only creates all-natural products with reusable and recyclable packaging, but also partners with groups like the Eden Reforestation Projects and independent farms. From Hydrating Rose Mist Toner to Sea Buckthorn and Rosehip Moisturizer, the Ritual Pack brings a little piece of earth-loving luxury to any homebody’s daily routine.

Frenchie – L’Ultimate Lovers Kit

Finally, all-natural kits for a sexy night in—minus harmful chemicals that could kill the mood. From vegan condoms to hygiene wipes made of aloe and bamboo, this Australian company with a French ‘tude is all about all-natural fun (literally). The lovers kit includes all the basics that hot-and-bothered homebodies might enjoy, and then some; water-based lube and a satin “play mask” are just two of the items enclosed. And before Frenchie’s online shoppers even get some, ahem, skin in the game, the company’s website sets the mood. Come for the good-for-you products. Stay for the trés cute puns.

Botanic Choice – Sweet Almond Carrier Oil

Almond oil has long been a staple of Ayurvedic, ancient Chinese and Greco-Persian treatments for dry skin and related conditions. Now, modern seekers of plant-based skin treatments can find it on the shelves of natural-food stores and high-end spas alike. For the eco-minded homebody, Botanic Choice’s version is a slow-absorbing, 100% pure pick, making it perfect for an earth-friendly self-care routine, or a generous massage.

Cariloha – Bamboo Bathrobe (Unisex)

Described by one devotée as the “best robe ever” and by another as “the last robe you’ll ever need,” this fuzzy number is the ultimate luxury wear for the homebody who prioritizes comfort. Made with bamboo, Egyptian cotton and two densities of polyester, the robes are just the right blend of softness and durability, while naturally wicking away post-bath moisture. Plus, the robe-inclined can rest easy about Cariloha’s production footprint. Based on a commitment to sustainability, the company farms its own bamboo—the primary ingredient across its myriad of product lines—and has certifications coming and going, from purity of materials to reforestation and fair trade practices. 

Aloha de Mele x Tag Aloha Co. Pillowcases – Lei’ers

Warm sun, white sand, swaying palms, sumptuous flowers, and of course, ocean waves. There’s a reason people flock to Hawai’i’s shores. Those same elements are the inspiration for Tag Aloha, a homegrown Hawai’ian lifestyle brand that creates pareos, beach towels and art pieces evoking magical imagery that has seduced tourists for decades. Part of the House of Mana Up retail experience, which promotes emerging entrepreneurs from Hawai’i, the brand gives back to its community, too. Tag Aloha was the islands’ first Fair Trade-certified company and donates a portion of its earnings to the Surfrider Foundation, a national nonprofit dedicated to protecting the ocean. This lei-ful pillowcase, then, not only brings a little of the islands home, but supports artisans who call Hawai’i home.

Icebreaker – 200 Oasis Long Sleeve Half Zip Thermal Top + Thermal Leggings

Long known to those in colder climes, Icebreaker’s luxurious merino base layers are a secret weapon for the kind of days that call for extra warmth. Now comes this comfy, stretchy outfit made for lounging around. Merino is a sustainable fabric that the company sources from New Zealand farms; moisture-wicking and insulating, it’s a kind of magic fabric that’s also straight from nature. For the particularly eco-minded lagomistas on your list, Icebreaker is committed to regenerative agriculture, which ensures health and longevity for their source material’s land, sheep, and humans. Once your giftee is cozied up in a set of this merino number, they can read more about Icebreaker’s business practices here.

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