Does music help plants grow? This is something that Courtney Warwick answers everyday when she raps to her plants. Planting succulent plant in the new marbled color planter, turquoise blue or green mint color, the process of creation of the indoor garden

Courtney Warwick, like a lot of people, became a plant parent toward the beginning of the pandemic. After merging her passion for hip hop, her eye for style, and her love of plants on her Instagram accounts @BlkGirlGrnThumb and @CallMeCourt, people began to take notice. The LA Times recently interviewed her as a part of their series on people of color in the plant world, and she has multiple thousands of followers on each account. Does music help plants grow is something that Courtney may just be able to answer.

BlkGirlGrnThumb features Warwick’s iconic “I Rap to My Plants” merch, which includes mugs and eye-catching bags and clothing. The saying is a nod to Courtney’s passion for hip hop and plants. If you are asking the question “does music help plants grow”, you may have just found your answer!

One day I posted a picture and my caption was, “Sunday Service Hip-Hop edition because I Rap to My Plants.” Instantly after posting it, I knew that was going to be my thing. I’m more than just a plant mom, I’m a cool-ass plant mom that literally raps to her plants every damn day, so it was a no brainer. Hip-hop is so important to me, so it’s dope that I could merge the two together.”

Courtney Warwick

Warwick also uses the account to show off her unique style and the books she’s been reading lately. Read more directly in the LA Times.

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