“Live simply and you will live free.” That is the motto that Rob Greenfield lives by, which he shares in the biography section of his website. Who is Rob Greenfield? The self-described “adventurer, environmental activist, humanitarian and dude making a difference” is an advocate for sustainability. He’s also amassed a huge following, and it’s easy to see why: scrolling through the summary of his groundbreaking work, one can’t help but feel inspired by his level of commitment to the cause.

Live simply and you will live free.

Who is Rob Greenfield? The self-described adventurer, environmental activist, humanitarian is an advocate for sustainability.

It’s because of his visionary work and that inspiration that we’re pleased to highlight some of his exceptional initiatives in the weeks ahead. We’ll be curating some of his salient content that illustrate, in part, just how much of an impact one individual can make in the world. Indeed, Greenfield leads by example.

Highlights of Rob Greenfield’s Work

For those would-be Greenfield acolytes who aren’t yet familiar with him or his work, his 2017 TEDx talk, “Be the Change in the Messed up World,” is a great introduction. In it, he explains how actions by an individual can scale up to affect the entire world. His casual style–yes, he delivers the talk barefoot–punctuates his laid-back demeanor as he describes his journey to becoming the activist that he is today. 

Be the Change in the Messed up World | ​Rob ​Greenfield | TEDxIHEParis
Who is Rob Greenfield? The self-described adventurer, environmental activist, humanitarian is an advocate for sustainability.

More than anything, Greenfield’s talk, in which he shares his journey from  materialistic, hard-partying college student to conscious, environment-protecting adult, makes him a more relatable figure. If he can make changes in life to create a positive ripple effect, maybe we can, too. Now, with hundreds of thousands of followers across social channels, he’s built a platform that amplifies his message and encourages others to make a difference. Even though Greenfield’s’s philosophy and lifestyle may seem extreme, he focuses on encouraging people to take small steps toward the greater goal of more sustainable living.

First up in our collaboration with Greenfield is his 2018 article, Free Seed Project Gardening Guide. It’s a practical call to action, complete with links to videos on how to cultivate herbs and vegetables best suited to each type of climate and serves as a great follow-up to our prior highlights from Greenfield’s work. Have fun mining it for all of its wisdom, and learn more about Greenfield on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram @RobJGreenfield.

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