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Legendary Experts Share Permaculture Gardening Secrets

Incorporating permaculture design in the building of your home brings the satisfaction of diminishing your footstep on the environment while increasing your connection with the natural world. Visit David Holmgren and Su Dennett’s home in Australia, where passive solar design for heating and cooling means minimal additional energy needed. In this film, David and Su explain how permaculture gardening design is even effecting beneficial behavioral adaptations.

Permaculture Gardening is something that changes the whole world a little at a time.

One of the key features of their home is passive solar design, using the natural climate of their environment to heat and cool their home without using too much additional energy.

The biggest changes that we’re seeing in permaculture now is the focus on people and people interactions, so the social side of permaculture. For me the most important thing is the behavioral adaptations. We don’t need huge numbers of people to change the behavior to make a big impact.”

Another key element of the property is how water is used. They took advantage of natural features to maximize water retention for irrigation. Permaculture Gardening is something that changes the whole world a little at a time.

Holmgren Interview on Permaculture

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