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Is Precision Agriculture the Future of Farming?

Dutch farmers are increasing the yields of their harvests – despite having no more farmland to expand upon. “Precision Farming,” says Jacob Van Den Borne, “is doing the right thing in the right moment in the right place.” New precision agriculture technology in greenhouses, hydroponic cultivation, thermal cameras, and soil scans reduce waste in natural resources even as they increase yields.

Dutch farmers, faced with a scarcity of available land, use precision agriculture technology to increase yields rather than trying to expand the amount of land on which they grow food.

Using technology, these farmers are not only able to increase their yields but also reduce their use of natural resources.

Precision agriculture includes thermal cameras help them to detect disease and issues with irrigation.

Soil scans help them monitor soil quality.

My definition of precision farming is doing the right thing in the right moment in the right place.”  

Jacob Van Den Borne
What’s Precision Agriculture by Jacob Van Den Borne
Farmers in the Netherlands are growing more food using less resources | Pioneers for Our Planet by World Economic Forum

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