Mentor Octopus

If You Loved My Octopus Teacher, Get to Know its Director

Objectivity is the hallmark of the documentarian, but sometimes the filmmaker gets pulled into the story about their subject. So it is with “My Octopus Teacher,” in which nature lensman Craig Foster develops an unexpectedly personal relationship with his subject in the waters off the coast of South Africa. My Octopus Teacher Netflix Series is something that everyone should take the time to watch.

My Octopus Teacher Netflix documentary tells the story of the filmmaker’s relationship with a curious octopus. Foster visited the octopus every day for months. The film captures Foster’s journey and documents how he learns to more deeply appreciate his relationship with other creatures and the earth.

The story goes far beyond facts about the octopod as Foster investigates the boundaries between humans and animals, and poses the question how close can our relationship with the natural world be?

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