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Last month, we introduced you to environmental activist Rob Greenfield, who leads by example with lifestyle choices like a tiny house, home-grown food and a free seed project. The Planet Friendly Diet By Rob Greenfield is and amazing guide to staying healthy and saving the Earth!

Our last piece focused on Rob’s personal journey, which is also at the forefront of his article, “From Clueless Consumer to Real Food Dude,” in which he describes his five-year process of gradually purging his diet of packaged, processed foods. He outlines it all in chronological detail in another piece, “Timeline of Transformation.” His call to action, in his words, is to “take back your body from the food corporations.”

Rob Greenfield loves in a tiny house with home-grown food & free seed project. The Planet Friendly Diet is an amazing guide to staying healthy. Rob Greenfield holding fresh vegetables picked from his home garden.

This next installment in our series highlighting Greenfield’s work focuses on that transformation and what it means to take your body (and your nutrition) back. The first step in his journey was switching to smaller food vendors and farmers markets. It took him a while to develop an awareness of where his food was coming from. Gradually his diet became more plant-based and less pre-packaged, until eventually reaching his end result: “near zero-waste grocery shopping.” 

Though meat and dairy was initially replaced with tofu alone, eventually he settled into a more moderate diet (see his post “My Thoughts on Veganism… And Why I’m Not Vegan” for more details). Here’s the bottom line: Avoid anything sourced from factory farming and seek out locally farmed resources. As an added bonus, the result is a net reduction in the cost of food consumption since, as Greenfield aptly points out, “There’s an illusion of cost in food.”

To dig deeper into Greenfield’s philosophy and approach to cultivation and consumption, the Food and Diet section on his website features several posts with practical advice for people looking to both improve their own health and help the environment through eco-friendly foods. 

One of the gems there is  “Resource Guide to Eat Near-Zero Waste in a Community with Minimal Food Resources.” Since the average American creates a staggering 4.5 lbs of trash per day–yes, per day–Greenfield outlines a plan to combat this trend by drastically reducing waste. 

Rob Greenfield loves in a tiny house with home-grown food & free seed project. The Planet Friendly Diet is an amazing guide to staying healthy

Finally, “The Planet Friendly Diet” is Greenfield’s practical guide to sourcing and consuming food in ways that also help the plant through a diet that’s both healthy and ethical. The first step is to switch from large-scale factory productions to local growers and small-scale farms as your source for organic and natural food. If you have to hit the local grocery store, shop the perimeter of the store to find unpackaged, whole foods (in other words, in the same shape as it was when it came from the earth, says Greenfield). And of course, try to remember to bring your reusable bags.

Stay tuned for more of our Rob Greenfield spotlights and find him on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram @RobJGreenfield for more pro-planet ideas and tips.

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