Looking for the Best Comfort food recipes to share with friends and family? We have the best comfort foods from Julia Child’s and others! Pasta on plate with rustic tablecloth.
Looking for the Best Comfort food recipes to share with friends and family? We have the best comfort foods from Julia Child’s and others!

The pace of modern society has been chipping away at the time honored traditions of preparing and consuming our meals. Food has become mere fuel, swallowed on the run, without much thought, effort or enjoyment Cooking is a chore, not a pleasurable break from the workday. It doesn’t have to be this way. Becoming skilled in preparing food just the way you like it, can be a therapeutic tool that gives you a measure of control amidst life’s stressors. We compiled a list of the best comfort food recipes for you to treat yourself to, or share with friends and family!

Food is also the greatest way for showing your love for those you’re feeding. It’s a demonstration of care and commitment. Here are three perennial favorites to help you and your loved ones on the road to reclaiming joy in what you eat and how you dine.

Julia Child’s Ratatouille

Julia Child brought a sheer joy and exuberance to the stale cooking shows of the day. Often tipsy from sampling her cooking sherry, she made a generation of wannabe home chefs confident they had nothing to fear in the kitchen. She taught more than cooking. She showed how cooking should be fun and life-affirming, a real adventure, not an impossible challenge. Perfection was never her goal. The joy had in getting there was what really mattered. Try your hand at her RATATOUILLE.

Marinated Beef Fajitas 

There’s nothing more fun for the family or gatherings of friends than a board of sizzling hot fajitas! The lush colors of the accompanying bed of vegetables makes this dish as enticingly beautiful as it is tasty. Forget the boxes of pizza. This is the ultimate party platter for those you really care about.

Roasted Squash with Goat Cheese and Poached Cranberries

Looking for something new for the holidays? How much Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey can we eat in one lifetime? People are looking for and discovering great new staples for holiday meals, including this offering guaranteed to bring comfort to the soul with a mix of savory and sweet flavors. Combining these unconventional ingredients will be exciting for you and your home companion sous chef.

Let us know what the best comfort food you ever had is!

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