The Food Innovation And Investment Summit 2022 on May 18-19 in San Francisco, CA features BlueNalu, Tate and Lyle, DouxMatok The Hartman Group
The Food Innovation And Investment Summit 2022 on May 18-19 in San Francisco, CA features BlueNalu, Tate and Lyle, DouxMatok The Hartman Group

May 18-19, the Food Innovation And Investment Summit 2022 will take place in San Francisco, CA. The summit’s mission is to build a healthier and more sustainable food system, and it has an impressive roster of industry leaders scheduled to speak. 

Food Innovation & Investment Summit 2021 in Chicago, IL.

This year’s conference will feature an Innovation Showcase with presentations by companies in three key categories: Alternative Protein, Functional Ingredients & Biotech and Personalized Nutrition & Gut Health. Presentations will run simultaneously in each category (for approximately 30 minutes each). Here are a few presentations slated that look particularly interesting:

In the Alternative Protein category, the company BlueNalu will be discussing the introduction of cell-cultured seafood into the conventional seafood industry as a way to compensate for the declining supply. Cell-cultured seafood is one of a constellation of emerging solutions to global food scarcity. Also, Unilever will present on the role of big brands in bringing plant-based dairy to consumers. On day two, Future Meat Technologies (currently the most well-funded cultivated meat company) will be presenting on their revolutionary method of producing cell-based meat with the texture, aroma and flavor of the real thing. 

As part of the Functional Ingredients & Biotech category, representatives from Tate and Lyle and DouxMatok will give a joint presentation on the Future of Sugar Reduction and Alternatives. And The Hartman Group, a food-related consultancy, will be presenting on the CBD boom. The supercharged growth of the sector has stemmed from consumers’ interest in immune health amid the global pandemic. Another key panel is called Harnessing the Power of Fermentation to Create Novel & Innovative Foods. The presentation will focus on how food innovation will change the way food might look in the future.

Finally, in the Personalized Nutrition & Gut Health category, the UK-based company Get Nourished will discuss the application of 3D printing technology to increase the efficiency and sustainability of food production, while boosting food’s nutritional value and helping address world hunger. Onegevity Health, meanwhile, will present a talk entitled The Impact of Gut Bacteria in Disease Prevention: Personalizing Nutrition, where they’ll be delving into technological advancements in microbiome research.

The event promises insights into the future of food on our planet. We look forward to sharing some of those innovations and stories with you. 

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