Foods For Paleo Diet can be expensive. With Terra, paleo doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Learn delicious-yet-affordable paleo recipes. Dinner plate with paleo dinner

The paleo diet limits your regime to those ingredients your paleolithic ancestors would have eaten during the hunter/gather days. If it was good enough to fuel the hunting of a wooly mammoth, surely it’s good enough to slim down a couple of shirt sizes. Below we will show you some of the best foods for the paleo diet.

The problem with paleo, however, is that it can be expensive if you don’t take the time to research all the different options available. With plenty of articles advocating for grass-fed meats, organic vegetables, and expensive, pre-made meal kits, you could easily double, or even triple the amount on your grocery receipt when on a paleo diet. 

But with the right guidance, paleo doesn’t have to be expensive at all. To learn some delicious-yet-affordable paleo recipes, continue reading below.

Chicken Thighs and Candy Sweet Potatoes

Not only are chicken thighs usually cheaper than chicken breasts, but they also have more fat on them, which gives them a fuller flavor. Combine your olive-oil-fried chicken thoughts with a serving of mashed sweet, mixed with butter for a creamy, candy-like flavor.

Mediterranean Salad with Olive Oil and Almonds

The beauty of this recipe is that you can make it in a matter of seconds, as long as you have the ingredients on hand. First, combine a handful of lettuce, spinach, or any other leafy greens with some almonds, feta cheese, black olives, and chicken (you can also use salmon). Then, top everything off with a dressing of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. This one hits all the flavors you crave.

Steak/Liver Pan-Fried in Butter with Asparagus

If you want to save money, you can substitute the steak in this recipe with liver (it’s also a much bolder flavor). You’ll want to turn your stovetop to high and fry your steak for 3-5 minutes per side. In the last few minutes before taking your steak off, add a combination of butter and olive oil to the pan and spoon it over the steak. Then, throw your asparagus into the same pan and fry until dark and easy-to-pierce with your fork. 

For even more top-rated, affordable paleo recipes, check out this Paleo community on Reddit. After this list of foods for the paleo diet, it’s time to get cooking!

4 Budget Friendly Paleo Recipes

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