Terra_kids gift guide

It’s never too soon to care about the planet—especially if it’s hidden in a book about dolphins or a game that explains how earthquakes work. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most creative, cute and engaging ways to start learning about the world. Here are 10 gift ideas for kids (and kids at heart).

Subscription to National Geographic Kids

Who can resist a monthly magazine that arrives with a cuddly koala or adorable dolphin on the cover? Equipped with easy-to-read and highly visual features and games, a subscription to this younger take on the classic publication is the gift that literally keeps on giving. With options for older and little kids, speak to their wonder and spark a sense of adventure, every single month.

MEL Science Earthquake Kit

Calling all kid seismologists: your new toy is here. This STEM-driven model lets budding geologists learn what causes earthquakes and where they come from through experience. Through assembling a seismograph and using it to register vibrations, kids can see in person how the movement affects a paper building.

Planet Board Game

From a company that’s been bringing educational fun to kids for nearly 20 years, Planet is a game of strategy and imagination, where the fate of a world is at stake. With illustrated rules, players compete to come up with the best conditions for wildlife to live and thrive. The set includes four 12-sided 3D planet cores, 50 magnetic continent tiles, 45 animal cards, five natural habitat objective cards, and one first player token.

A is for Activist

A children’s book for the next generation of activists, A is for Activist has been described as “Howard Zinn ‘A People’s History of the United States,’ but for two-year olds.” Filled with beautiful illustrations by author and illustrator Innosanto Nagara, the book is a sweet A to Z embedded with progressive values. Plus: sturdy pages stand up to any teething, grabbing, or other engagement—political, physical or otherwise.

Kids Compost Kit

Composting, but make it fun. This kit lets the littlest eco-warriors actually see which decays faster: styrofoam or banana peel, apple core or coffee grounds. A 22-page activity book makes this more than a one-compost pony. Add a Soil Study and Inquiry Kit for the whole (compostable) enchilada.

Arbor Oso Foundation Skateboard

One of the coolest skateboards around is also one of the most sustainable. Started in 1955, Arbor has been sourcing its materials from renewable sources from the start, and uses partial sales proceeds to fund the preservation of indigenous forests. Adults can read up on their forest-to-shred process here. Kids can roam free on a board that will last for years to come.

VTech Sort & Recycle Ride-On Truck

No one said recycling has to be boring. Let the youngest planet-lovers enjoy the thrill of the ride with this user-friendly, rolling recycling truck, with slots for matching block shapes that lets them sort and play. Plus, the whole product is made from recycled plastic itself, for an extra touch of meta, pro-planet goodness.

Patagonia Kids’ Powder Town Beanie

From the original eco-friendly outdoor line, Patagonia brings feel-good materials to kids’ winter outerwear game with this warm and fuzzy hat. Made with 100% recycled polyester, it’s a gift that’s not just cute, but warms both head and heart.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

In a video game where a girl fights to save her island and the real enemy is apathy, little players will get big messages while meeting Alba’s animal friends. Made for Nintendo Switch, Alba’s adventures are ultimately joyous while teaching important lessons. Indeed, it’s a heady mix with tropical vibes.

Crate & Barrel Recycling Center Kids Playhouse

Recycling just got chic. Give activists-to-be a new way to play while letting them learn about planet-friendly habits. With six labeled bins for materials from metal to plastic, Crate & Barrel’s adorable pop-up set cultivates kids’ memorization, reading and fine motor skills. Bonus: they might start taking the trash out young—minus the recyclables.