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Can America’s Broken Food Chain Be Fixed With Apeel Sciences?

The COVID-19 Crisis has exposed major flaws and waste in America’s food supply system.  37 million Americans experienced “food insecurity” in 2018 –  before the crisis struck causing skyrocketing unemployment. Enter Apeel Sciences.

“As the number of weekly grocery store trips per household has plunged from 2.3 to 1, shoppers began filling their carts differently, buying in bulk and preferring foods that will keep longer.”


One innovative company, Apeel Sciences (Katy Perry is an investor), has one possible solution: extending the shelf life of food by growing a “second skin” on produce. Quarantined shoppers are drastically reducing trips to grocery stores. Produce with longer shelf life would mean food keeping longer and bulk buying on fewer trips making real sense.

“37 million Americans experienced food insecurity in 2018, and that number appears set to soar with surging unemployment.”


Find out more on Apeel Sciences and the organic materials used for its “second skin” solution at the LA Times.

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