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Mushrooms are some of the most powerful superfoods Mother Earth has to offer. Beyond providing incredible nutrient-profiles, often including over a dozen minerals and vitamins, mushrooms are also the perfect low-calorie snack that can be added to anything. Stay tuned to learn to to grow Edible mushrooms at home!

Whether you sandwich your hamburger patty with two toasted portobello mushrooms as an alternative to bread buns, or you sprinkle your stir fry with pan-fried shiitake mushrooms, mushrooms are a convenient way to add delicious flavor to any dish without packing on extra calories. 

As everyone knows, many varieties of mushrooms are safe and quite beneficial to your diet, but there are some humans should not consume. Get a refresher course on edible mushrooms (and how to find them in the wild) from the Learn Your Land YouTube channel.

16 Wild Edible Mushrooms

With so many benefits, many people now choose to grow mushrooms at home instead of buying them at the store, where they’re often overpriced and prone to sogginess. To help you become one of these at-home-mushroom enthusiasts, learn the steps involved in growing mushrooms at home on the video below.

As to home cultivation, mushrooms are in fact incredibly easy to grow. As influential people in fungi have taught us, a beginner mushroom grower only needs simple materials – growing trays, heating pads, and cloth.

With your growing trays, which should be at least 14×16 inches and filled with compost, start the growing process by sprinkling your mushroom spawn (the mushroom version of seeds) on top and covering them with approximately 1-inch of compost.

Then place your trays on top of your heating pads, as mushrooms require a temperature of around 70°F during the first three weeks of their growth. After three weeks of growth, during which you should be lightly watering your mushrooms and covering them with a damp cloth, you then need to lower the temperature to somewhere between 55°F to 60°F for the final push. When you see the caps of your mushrooms begin to open up, you’ve successfully completed your first batch Of growing edible mushrooms! Harvest them with care by cutting them out of the compost.

How to Grow Mushrooms By Howcast

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