Mugwort Herb

Mugwort is a natural way to stimulate digestion, cleanse the liver and promote circulation. There are numerous mugwort benefits. Part of the Artemisia annua family, the herb can also be used to treat fevers, inflammation and malaria, among other ailments. 

There is a rich history and mythical lore around its potency and use everywhere this herb grows, with protective qualities and benefits for the body, mind and spirit. It is abundant throughout the northern hemisphere (North America, Asia and Europe). It is an easy herb to find, recognize, cultivate and have uses for, making it one of the great “people plants.” Indeed, the benefits of mugwort can Improve the quality of your life.

Mugwort might even be growing freely in your backyard. In this video, herbalist Yarrow Willard Cl.H. (who’s known better as the Herbal Jedi) can help you identify this beneficial plant and teach you how to forage it for yourself. Here’s more from the video:

Have you ever gone foraging for mugwort or experienced mugwort benefits? What are your favorite natural remedies?

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