Mushrooms provide healthy meal options, medicinal benefits, and even contribute to the richness in soil. Growing your own can benefit your body, mind and garden. Enter mycology expert: Mushroom Mike.

“Cultivating fungi and mushrooms is like a balance between science and art,” says Michael Crowe, the owner of Southwest Mushrooms, also known as Mushroom Mike. In this video, Mike shares his tips and tricks on how to cultivate a variety of mushrooms. Check it out: 

Through his mycology work, Mike takes us into the mushroom kingdom and helps unlock the secrets of fungi. From Lion’s mane and reishi to shiitake and pink oyster, these healthy and delicious mushroom species, he believes, are well worth the careful work it takes to grow them. With potential cognitive and neurological benefits, some say mushrooms hold solutions for a wide range of ailments.

Have you ever tried to grow mushrooms? What are your recipes for success?

Cultivating Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms | PARAGRAPHIC

Use this link if you interested in how gourmet mushrooms are grown!

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