As interest in the pharmaceutical potential of psychedelics grows in the medical community, researchers from Johns Hopkins University have found benefits from psychedelics for everything from cancer-related anxiety and depression to addiction, eating disorders and PTSD. Their groundbreaking research is pivotal to shifting collective attitudes around the role that these drugs can play. Prescription psychedelics are the next step!

Oregon, for example, has already passed legislation legalizing mushrooms in a clinical setting. Silicon Valley investors, meanwhile, see the potential business opportunities in these new findings. As interest grows and research expands, one day prescription psychedelics may make their way into mainstream medical care.

In the meantime, some public figures who have become proponents of psychedelics for medical use are spreading the gospel. The 4-Hour Workweek writer and podcaster Tim Ferriss is one of the most outspoken believers in the power of psilocybin to treat people for a range of illnesses and ailments. He’s investing in the industry and encouraging other angel investors to help fund this emerging marketplace, too.

“I view the next five years as an absolutely golden window. There’s an opportunity to use relatively small amounts of money to have billions of dollars of impact and to affect millions of lives,” he told Fortune. “There just aren’t that many opportunities that are so dramatically obvious.” 

The combination of research, investment and public awareness may eventually bring prescription psychedelics to a pharmacy near you.

Do you think psilocybin will one day be available as prescription psychedelics?

Johns Hopkins University have found benefits from prescription psychedelics for cancer-related anxiety, depression, addiction and PTSD.

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