how to grow psychedelic mushrooms at home. 3 mushrooms together in forest.

Mushrooms are one of the most versatile life enhancers on Planet Earth. They can be used for cooking, medical treatments, as well as psychedelic adventures. Have you ever thought about growing psychedelic mushrooms at home, legally?

First off, only specific kinds of mushrooms offer the psychedelic “shroom” experience mushrooms have become famous for, such as mushrooms containing the compound psilocybin.

It’s not known entirely why psilocybin causes our brains to enter a psychedelic state, or even what the psychedelic state looks like inside of our brains, but fortunately, after a multi-decade hiatus from the explosion of psychedelic research in the 1960s and 70s, the effects of psychedelic compounds like psilocybin are once again being thoroughly studied by researchers in scientific settings.

Unfamiliar with the therapeutic and mental health benefits of psilocybin? Get caught up with this clip from Scientific Reports.

Psilocybin may ‘reset’ the brain to help manage treatment-resistent depression

As psychedelic mushrooms become more accepted among mainstream society, as seen through their recent legalization within a number of American states, it’s natural to wonder how to get your hands on some. One of the easiest ways to do that is to grow them yourself.

The process behind growing psychedelic mushrooms

Growing mushrooms of the psychedelic variety is a lot harder than growing mushrooms of the cooking variety, which typically only require compost, a growing tray, and warmed soil to grow.

Cultivating psilocybin mushrooms, on the other hand, requires not just more materials, but also more maintenance and technical know-how. You have to approach each stage of growth differently, including spore (the mushroom version of a seed) inoculation, germination, and fruiting.

This video from EasyBreezy Grows will show you how to prepare a substrate, which will work well for growing psilocybin mushrooms as well as other edible varieties.

Inoculation typically occurs inside of mason jars. After inoculation, you can pour out what’s called a “birthing cake” out of the jar, which is essentially the seed from which your harvest of mushrooms, called a “flush” will sprout eventually sprout 4-6 weeks time.

Throughout the growth period, you have to pay great attention to four major factors: light, hygiene, humidity, and temperature. The mishandling of any one of these four factors can lead to an entirely botched flush of mushrooms.

Now you have the resources to know how to grow psychedelic mushrooms at home.

To learn more about the exact materials you’ll need, as well as the exact step-by-step process during each of the flush’s growth stages, be sure to watch this video.

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