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Music is one of the most powerful tools in the world. Scientists are only now beginning to understand the profound impact music has on the human brain.

Just watch the elderly patients in this nursing home react to songs from childhood. Depressed and unresponsive residents light up when the music fills their earphones.

Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era

You can use music as a tool in your own life, magnifying your concentration and making yourself more mindful through meditation. There are thousands of free resources to help you use music as a meditation and mindfulness tool.

The Science Behind Music and Meditation

Many people turn to meditation for stress-reduction, which happens to be one of the areas of meditation that has a lot of research behind it.

For example, a 2015 New York study looking at 74 surgical patients found that music was effective in reducing stress during surgical operations. More specifically, the blood pressure levels of those listening to music during their operation were found to be lower during their operations than the blood pressure levels of those without music.

With this study showing that music is effective in keeping stress levels down even during unconsciousness, it makes sense that music would also help keep us relaxed during meditation sessions.

“A song can produce absolutely fascinating effects in the brain. Musical enjoyment triggers the brain’s internal opioid system–yes, opioid system and just like the opioids that come in pill form these chemicals make you feel good and help relieve pain!”

How Does Music Affect Your Brain?

5 Popular Spotify Playlists for Meditation

Now that we know that music is scientifically proven to be able to alter your stress levels, by listening to a playlist dedicated specifically to relaxing, you can have the perfect tool to complement your meditation sessions (which, by nature, require a relaxed state of mind).

With that in mind, try pairing your next meditation session with any of the following popular meditation playlists from Spotify:

Peaceful Meditation

Guided Meditation

Meditation: Frequencies Vibrations 

Tibetan Bowls 

Yoga and Meditation Ambient Music 

Free Meditation Music on YouTube

The YouTube Channel Yellow Brick Cinema is known for creating “the world’s best relaxing music.” The channel has earned 1.7 BILLION views for its relaxing pieces, each YouTube session specially calibrated for a specific experience, from studying to sleeping to meditation.

We’ve rounded up the five most famous musical compositions on this site, music, and images that help people around the world relax, sleep, focus, meditate, and heal. Together, these compositions have been played nearly 300 million times on YouTube. Now that you have some new music ideas, try them out and see the benefits of meditation and music!

Study Music Alpha Waves: Relaxing Studying Music, Brain Power, Focus Concentration Music   
3 Hour Relaxing Guitar Music: Meditation Music, Instrumental Music, Calming Music, Soft Music 
30 Minute Deep Sleep Music: Calming Music, Relaxing Music, Soothing Music, Calming Music   
8 Hour Sleeping Music, Music Meditation: Delta Waves, Deep Sleep Music, Relaxing Music  
8 Hour Deep Sleep Music: Delta Waves, Relaxing Music   

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