Coffee and music

Stressful days are in abundance right now, but there are simple ways to ease anxiety during the workday and at home with music! There are lots of soothing and upbeat sounds that can help calm you based on your personal tastes. Regardless of what you like to listen to, music can drown out potential distractions and help you feel more present. We have found some incredible playlists to reduce anxiety from popular services!

Check out these Spotify playlists made to ease anxiety:

Nature Sounds

It’s difficult to feel stressed out when you’re surrounded by beautiful nature: the sounds of leaves rustling, birds chirping, and water running. This playlist may be exactly what you need to escape your stress. The feeling of being outdoors emulates a sense of freedom, and calm.

Sound Frequencies

According to research, different frequencies target specific parts of the brain and alter brain activity. White noise carries a multitude of different frequency ranges, while pink noise is relatively flat and even, and brown noise is stronger and lower. These sounds usually imitate ones we are familiar with. They naturally soothe the mind and guide your thoughts towards a calmer state. Checkout these playlists to reduce anxiety made with frequencies as opposed to instruments.

Classical Music

Classical music like Mozart and Beethoven is proven to arouse the brain and motivate you to push through stressful tasks. It slows you down to be able to focus and eases the anxiety of high-speed work.


Music with a specific tempo helps you sync your work rhythm with the beat of the song, so that you stay at peace, but also don’t go over capacity when you’re feeling particularly stressed.

Guided Meditation

When nothing else works for you, take a break from whatever you’re doing and meditate! Sometimes our brains just need a chance to rest or slow down, so close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and listen mindfully to a guided meditation.

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