Terra For Astrology Lovers

For those giftees who know their rising signs from their sun signs and cazimis from conjunctions, we’ve found 10 gift ideas for astrology lovers. From things like customized charts of where the stars were at a particular time (say, a wedding day or a birthday) to a dress that shimmers almost as bright as the sun, each item is hand-picked for astrologically-inclined. Bonus: gift-givers might get future-readings in return.

1. Tamed Wild – Wild Rituals Tarot Deck

The gift for astrologers-in-training and the tarot-curious. With 30 rituals and intentions in one, comprehensive deck, these Wild Rituals cards offer solace for every conundrum, quest or fear. Founded by a husband and wife team in 2016, Tamed Wild sources all of its products, from teas to tarot cards, from artisans at the source. Despite their starry eyes, their employment practices are of the earthly variety: fair wages and healthcare for all. That’s as grounded a vision as any astrology-lover could want.

2. You Were Born for This by Chani Nicholas

From one of this generation’s true, ahem, stars of astrology, You Were Born for This is the horoscope handbook your giftee never knew they needed. With an app, daily readings, media appearances, and merch for days, choosing just one gift from Nicholas is no easy task. But when it comes to understanding ourselves and how to move through the world, a book is the type of tangible reassurance that outlasts even the most powerful of moon phases.

3. Starry Maps

Wedding photos are nice. Birthday balloons are OK. But why not commemorate occasions with a customized map made of where stars were aligned (literally) on that special day? Starry Maps is the ultimate in channeling cosmic brilliance into a beloved gift. Submit the date (and ideally the time, too, for true astro-nerds) of your giftee’s occasion and voilá: they’ll receive a map of the sky at just that moment.

4. Written in the Stars: Astrology Chart Class

Forget day planners. Give the gift of the future. Led by astrologist Emily Klintworth, each 75-minute, online session opens with intention-setting. Next, Klintworth helps students “identify patterns of celestial energy” throughout the year ahead, learn how it will affect them and how they can respond (bath salts, burning candles, digital detox. You know the drill.). Students should wrap up the workshop with a personalized astro-guide to help navigate the upcoming year. Fortune-telling not guaranteed.

5. Royal Divine Scenes Zodiac Candles

Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, Royal Divine Scents uses natural waxes and fragrance oil blends for its line of bespoke candles and soaps. The Zodiac Collection features traits, scents and messages for every star sign under the, ahem, sun. Let your astrology-lover’s passion burn bright, all winter long.

6. Gucci – Zodiac Map Trinket Tray

In “House of Gucci,” the 2021 film about the famous Italian fashion family, Rodolfo Gucci (played by Jeremy Irons) has opinions about the brand. “Gucci doesn’t belong on a model,” he says. “It belongs in a museum.” This Zodiac Map Trinket Tray, however, can bring a museum-quality piece to your giftee’s home. Perfect to display tarot cards, Zodiac candles, or perhaps—for the truly elevated—a Gucci bracelet.

7. SolsticeHaus – Customizable Zodiac Rug

Why look to the skies for a sign when you can look to the floor. This customizable zodiac rug broadcasts your astrological sign in three sizes (2’, 3’ or 4’ in diameter) and multiple colors of your choosing. Make a statement with this showpiece that’s perfect for the bedside or primetime, living room placement. The ultimate conversation-starter.

8. The Astrology of You & Me by Gary Goldschneider and Camille Chew

Goodbye, daily horoscope. Hello, definitive guide. “The Astrology of You & Me: How to Understand and Improve Every Relationship in Your Life” is the indispensable roadmap to vibing—and thriving—with everyone from bosses to colleagues, lovers and friends. If your giftee has ever wondered why their Taurus dates never work out, or Pisces bosses become their BFFs, this is the gift for them.

9. MoMA Design Store – 2023 Phases of the Moon Calendar

Show off your attention to detail and your sophisticated cred with this moon calendar from New York’s Museum of Modern Art. It’s the classic poster no astro-lover should be without. From the institution any self-respecting hipster should show off on their walls. Win-win all around.

10. Zimmermann – Celestial Zodiac Star Dress

For starlets and star-lovers alike. This super-sparkly, long-sleeve dress is made for red carpet debuts, seasonal solstice parties, birthday soirées, and anywhere else that demands astrology-inspired splendor. Give the gift of endless attention. Because nothing says “holiday gift” like a squad of adoring, astro-loving fans.