Workout With No Equipment

Millions of Americans can’t make it to the gym right now. Depending on your point of view this can be seen as a major health problem, or a golden opportunity. Have you ever considered being at home, but having a workout with no equipment?

No gym is no excuse. Take advantage of this unprecedented time and learn some free workouts that you can do at home, without a single piece of equipment.

Let’s make the most of this opportunity for transformation! You don’t need fancy or expensive equipment to stay fit. You don’t need your gym to reconnect with your body.

No Gym. No Equipment. No Problem.

Since the beginning of time, humans have embraced natural forms of movement to build strength and stamina. The mountaineer and athlete Chase Mountains created an amazing workout for hikers — using nothing but your own body weight. These are true example of the “workout with no equipment” philosophy. And don’t forget some solid workout music tracks.

A Bodyweight Workout for Hikers

“I’ve designed this specifically for mountaineers, hikers, trekkers, climbers & alpinists. Whatever you focus on and enjoy, we all love the mountains and we want to stay safe and perform better out there — So follow along with this at-home workout and enjoy the view of the mountains!”


Even if you don’t have mountains to inspire you, your home contains everything you need for a gym-free workout.

It can be as simple as using milk jugs filled with water as substitute barbells or wearing a fully loaded backpack during your workout to an exercise to increase resistance and build strength.

Here are some community-recommended routines for staying fit without a gym and without equipment.

Push Training

Tone Up Your Upper Body

Push training exercise utilizes the body’s own mass to build strength.

It requires no additional tools or equipment other than a chair. In this style of home fitness, you can do push-ups, sit-ups, tricep dips, and more.

Workout guru Whitney Simmons taught this workout to her nearly two million subscribers.

Here is a HOT FIRE push workout to shred and sculpt your arms and shoulders! We are hitting shoulders, triceps, and chest.”


Pull training

Even though this video visits a gym, it shows you the power of “Pull” training. This refers to exercises that require pulling, such as pull-ups. 

The Most Effective Science-Based Pull Workout

If you don’t have a pull-up bar, you can look for a sturdy tree branch in a nearby park or do a table row. YouTube fitness expert Jeff Nippard created this workout.

At the very least, doing these serves as an additional warm-up helping to increase blood flow to the muscle improving pumps and potentially reducing injury.”


Lower Body Strength Training

Joanna Soh designed a lower body strength training video for her millions of followers. This set that really burns — “Do you feel your legs hurt No, I don’t have any legs left…” said one fan.

Soh specializes in getting bodies beach ready, so this is a good video to keep on hand all winter long. “For best result, perform this workout 2–3 times weekly with a combination of other total body workouts, and remember to eat a well-balanced diet,” says Soh.

Lower body workouts are easy, too. You can do some squats and repeat reps until your quads burn. Lay on the floor and do leg lifts and donkey kicks to work your glutes. Don’t forget to listen to a great workout playlist.

Use Nature as Your Gym

Just like Chase Mountains, workout guru Simnett Nutrition created that nature-only workout for his 50,000 subscribers.

Nature Workout

Join me as I embrace my inner Tarzan! A viewer recently recommended I do a video showing how you can workout WITH nature, IN nature. Here I do some movements using logs, rocks, and of course some pull-ups in a tree!”


There are many other opportunities in nature to flex your muscles.

The next time you go for a walk, climb on rocks, and hoist yourself into trees. Do push-ups and stretches on the beach.

Bring a rope and jump rope while you watch the sunrise and listen to good workout music.

Run in your favorite park and let the greenery calm your mind while you challenge your body.

Find Your Inspiration

We’ve collected some of our favorite workouts from some of the greatest athletes on YouTube. But you can find a workout with no equipment that’s perfect for you on YouTube. Just search the part of your body you want to improve along with the phrase “No Equipment.”

There are free video workouts designed for everyone’s needs, from home kickboxing routines to relaxing yoga sequences.

If you find videos a little restrictive, try an audio workout via an app like Aaptiv.

Not sure that we need this industry update up front, might start with No Gym, etc.

According to ClassPass CEO Fritz Lanman, almost 90% of the company’s 30,000 gym, studio, and wellness locations were forced to close indefinitely during the COVID-19 crisis — that affected people in 30 different countries.

Jessica Goldman, founder of Dance Forever, a fitness shares that she was forced to close with quarantine.

In the long term, the coronavirus will dilute the brick and mortar fitness industry model.”


As the $94 billion fitness industry struggles, millions of people are experiencing a shift in consciousness, using this quarantine as an opportunity to reconnect with healthier lifestyles through meditation, improved diets, better food, and more time in nature.

Now is a great time to explore ways to stay fit without a gym membership. With internet access, your own body weight, and a few repurposed household objects, you can easily start a fitness routine at home. This will help you workout with no equipment in no time!

While some may need the reassurance of a brand-named gym-based regimen, there’s a special sort of self-satisfaction some of us get from creating our own diet and exercise programs from scratch.

You need to find out which one fits you.

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